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The summertime not only brings warmer weather and more beach days but also festivals and celebrations held around the United States. People gather far and wide within their own countries and internationally to enjoy several summer traditions that cannot be beaten.
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Independence Day, United States | 4th of July

The United State’s Independence Day is the 4th of July. Americans spend the day enjoying barbecues, bonfires, and red, white, and blue colors decorating absolutely everything. This is of course to match the American flag. On July 4, 1776, all thirteen American colonies signed the Declaration of Independence which gave the US freedom from under British rule.
Many 4th of July summer traditions include parades throughout the country, a day at the beach, and firework shows in every city. Pro tip! Many coastal cities and lake cities light their fireworks in the water so that spectators can watch them from the beach and shore. It is a spectacular day of celebration and joy.

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Looking for tips on how to safely celebrate this year? You can experience it by watching the fireworks from your home or taking a virtual tour of a national monument. To celebrate together with your loved ones, why not host a fun small BBQ with close friends and family? You can keep on the 4th of July and its summer traditions alive, right from home.
Do not forget to dress up your nails! Independence Day-inspired manicure is a must-have to show your spirit!

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International Day of Friendship | July 30

Show your friends how much you enjoy their friendship by celebrating the International Day of Friendship together on the 30th of July. This summer tradition offers friends the perfect opportunity to celebrate life, happiness, and kindness for their loved ones. Countries around the world celebrate this special day on different dates, however, it typically falls sometime in July or the beginning of August.

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Although the concept of this day originates back to 1919, it officially became a holiday by the United Nations General Assembly in July 2011. Fun fact! Paraguay was the first country to officially celebrate the international day of Friendship in 1958. The best way to honor the event is to throw a NAIL PARTY with your besties! Do not hesitate to book a VIP room in a top-rated nail salon for you and your friends to have fun together!

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